I am looking to get experience in film-making. I would like to 'make' a movie!

November 28, 2006 1:59pm CST
I am black and beautiful. Sooo beautiful that ALL women are jealous of me! I have had some acting experience and had been accepted at Queens University in Canada to study for a BA. Unfortunately, my benefactor died when I was a young child and could not afford school. I have recently married and my husband has been very kind to support me as I pursue my love for the arts. I have an Associate Degree in Art & Design from Bermuda College. I live in Bermuda and the lack of advantages for people with my interest has kept me back. I have studied with Jill Donellan, when she came here to Bermuda, but need to get off this Island once and for all to follow my dreams. I've finally realized that if I do not pull up roots and go to where the acting jobs are, I will never achieve my goals. So I am looking for the right place to be and the right people to get involved with. Thank you
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