Being "Fat"... is it a Sin!!!!!.....

@fizza10 (1718)
November 28, 2006 4:00pm CST
Why are "Fat People" bugged by everyone?.....
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@srhelmer (6947)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
28 Nov 06
It's because obesity leads to all sorts of health problems, which raises insurance premiums and affects everyone.
@fizza10 (1718)
• Pakistan
28 Nov 06
But than what about the one's who simply just can't control their diets....just because of any reason.....
• United Arab Emirates
18 Dec 06
no its not..but being 2 much is not good....
• South Africa
29 Nov 06
I agree with everyone else so far - it's not considered a sin. It's just frustrating for those of us who have never had to struggle with weight to see people who do struggle. It's hard to understand how fat people can't just exercise more and/or eat less and lose the weight. It comes from a good place generally - fat people would have a higher quality of life if they lost the extra weight and this is what is so frustrating!
• United States
29 Nov 06
It is not a sin. Most people dislike fat people because in general they are inactive and hold others down. How often do you see the fattest person in camp scaling the climbing wall?
@blueman (16513)
• India
29 Nov 06
i do not think it is a sin.
@gabs8513 (48714)
• United Kingdom
28 Nov 06
No I would not say it is a sin at all and I hate it when People say it is