TIPS – Yahoo Banning Problems

November 28, 2006 8:22pm CST
Since Yahoo removed chat2, a lot of people have been experiencing getting chat banned, IP banned, etc. with programs they have used in the past with no problem. From what I have experienced, and read in forums, this is happening everywhere. Apparently Yahoo is keeping a better watch on what is coming in, then it use to. My most common problem was when I tried to log in my bots, nothing would happened, and then I realized I was banned. So I learned a long time ago, that I MUST slow down the speed at which the bots log in. Every booter has a different default rate to which bots log in. Some may say .5 milliseconds, some .9, or some are in a different format all together. If you are experiencing this same problem, you need to slow it down. If it says .5 change it to 1.0 or .9. If it says 10 change it to 20, etc. Many of the “good” programmers are now giving you the option to change your login speed, because of this, so take advantage of it. With the removal of chat2 and ycht, you don’t need 500 bots to boot someone. If you use more then 100, you’re more apt to get banned. My biggest suggestion is to be patient!!! 1.Slow down the log in speed 2.Reduce the number of bots you log in to 75 (anymore is not needed with a good booter) 3.Don’t go click happy. If you just continue to click buttons because you want an instant response, then you’re only going to boot and ban yourself. I tell my friends, to click and count to five. (and that does NOT mean count 12345 as fast as you can, it means say 1 – 1000, 2 – 1000, 3 1000, etc. Then click another botton. 4.Make a smart option choice. If you know the person has their pm’s turned off, then it’s really a waste to click on the PM bomb. If they have their invites turned off, again the Invite bomb is really going to do nothing. Forget ychat, or chat2, options, as they don’t exist anymore. However, some of the client packets do work, even when they are on ymsg in the client. 5.Open two separate booters, with two different bot lists. Use them in conjunction with each other, for those harder people. 6.Use tcp/ip to open your ports. It helps your packets run out much faster without clogging up your own ports. Most importantly, remember that if you are on a static IP, not only can you NOT change your IP, once your banned you have NO other way to get into yahoo. The ban can last anywhere from 2 to 24 hours, depending on the infraction. This ban is not only happening with booters. It’s also happening with other programs that log in. Bot checkers (some were having banning issues, check only 50 bots at a time), Room Spammers, Room lockers, Name Grabbers, etc. are all having a few issues with banning. So if you want to play the game, play it smart, and patiently. If you have any other tips you'd like to add, please do so.
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