Time for bed.

@marguicha (114941)
April 15, 2019 10:27pm CST
I have several things to do today before I go to sleep. There are the compresses and the eye drops, but I also have to put together some clothes to take to Claudia´s house. I will lend her some blouses and sweaters for her 2 weeks of being a Minister at the Court of Justice. I have more garments for that type of work. Then tomorrow I´ll leave Leticia cooking something for Wednesday (she doesn´t usually come on Wednesdays) as I don´t know if I will have to be a babysitter for more days. Sleep tight, dear friends. I will mylot during the morning, but I don´t know what will happen the rest of the day.
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@JohnRoberts (78380)
• Los Angeles, California
16 Apr
Get well rested.
• Rupert, Idaho
16 Apr
Hope you will have a good night!
@debjani1 (5110)
16 Apr
Good night. Have a tight sleep.
@andriaperry (74293)
• Anniston, Alabama
16 Apr
Good Night, sweet dreams.