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September 11, 2006 3:14pm CST
Does anyone have a child with dislexia? If so, how did you go about getting them tested? Was it through their school?
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11 Sep 06
Everyone (former etachers, doctors, family) all believed my now 9 yr old to be dislexic. Several schools also assumed he was ADD as well but no one took the time to test him even after asking them too. I was told 2 years ago he was too young for testing (if he's too young for etsting, he's too young to be in school!) He could NOT read a book regularly...but would hold it upside down and read it with NO problems! The school he's in now was awesome! I spoke with his teacher last year and then the school pyschologist and they agreed, there was a problem. They spent ALL year working with him and doing IQ test and a battery of other tests. The last month of school, we had a huge meeting to discuss all the findings and to recommend a course of action. He was found to have a higher than normal IQ, he could read but he had problems with cognitive reasoning. He would also become highly aggitated when given a large paragraph to read because he was overwhelmed witht he stress. They will be working with him twice a week this school year and we will have another meeting again half way through the school year to chart his progress. (Yes he also confused b's and d's and would write them backward and would also write words backwards...I was told it's a way he challenges himself because he's bored.