How would you describe discplining a child???

November 29, 2006 2:22am CST
In your opinion what is it to disciline a child???Do u think hitting is ok???Do you think telling the child what they've done wrong 7 why it was wrong 7 that you're disapointed in them, etc. My personal opinion is that yes sometimes hitting a child is ok, but that sometimes emotionally can do alot more than a smack ever will.That said our son is only 11months old, so obviously i haven't had to start discplining him.Although if he does something he shouldn't-pulling hair, etc.Ill say no, i know hes too young to understand, but i do it to have myself in the habit.
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@nzk786 (453)
• India
29 Nov 06
In order to understand why your child is misbehaving it is helpful to keep a diary: Identify one behaviour that you would like to change in your child. Be as specific as you can e.g. wont do as she / he is told, hitting, demands things, whines, shouts. Write this behaviour down. When the behaviour occurs, write down what caused it (triggers) and what happened afterwards (the result). After a week try to see if there is any pattern to the behaviour. When is it occurring ( particular time, situations)? Who is it occurring with? What are the reasons ? What are the consequences ? Ask yourself what is my child learning from the way I respond to this behaviour? Am I setting limits and boundaries consistently ? Once you have a clear picture you are ready to change the pattern by changing the triggers and consequences after observing this behaviour pattern. You may have to try and ignore certain behaviour, try not to give in, remove certain privileges, look and sound as if you mean it when asking you child to do something. Most importantly concentrate on encouraging and rewarding good behaviour all the time !