is god happy by creatin human being

November 29, 2006 3:38am CST
ya i think he is happy while creating human being as well as they are good but now i think he is not that much happy
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@anushri (961)
• India
2 Jan 07
yes i agree with u tht god is not happy now but in todays world also there r good people in this world for them god is happy
• Janesville, Wisconsin
29 Nov 06
Yes, I believe G-d is happy with creating human being. He also gave Humanity the Free will to choose to do good or to do bad, to destroy or to create... I think he is not happy with how many have chosen bad, and to destroy, However, G-d is there for everyone who is good or bad, and anyone who had done bad to changes their lives to do good, G-d will forgive and accept, it is people who do bad out or ignorant, G-d understand they were raised into it and will do all that can be done to take them to the right path of listening. I believe G-d Loves all of us whether we do good or bad, and that in the end G-d will give the right punishment, or Karma for whatever bad has been done... But even as a father punishes his child. The father does not hate his child for doing bad, he tries all he can to steer the child to the right path. In the end the father usually will love their child no matter what. That is how I see G-d as. :) believing. Love of Humans, of he could have wiped humanity if y did not. - DNatureofDTrain