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@MGlassco (220)
United States
September 11, 2006 7:40pm CST
so here is how I understand how building a site goes, let me know what I am missing, where I am wrong, what I can do to improve this etc., 1. Purchase Domain name at a place that offers webhosting - I want to go this route so I don't have to figure out transferring the name etc., I have never used paid for webspace, just google pages, tripod, angelfire etc., I am guessing I will still have a user name and logon 2. Build the site on my own computer just as I want it to appear, like having an images folder, pages, all that save it to a folder/directory and then upload it via ftp 3. Submit to google, yahoo, etc 4. somehow get adevertiser so you make $$$$ I was thinking googles adesense
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