Is it Ok to be in love with an already committed person?

September 12, 2006 3:29am CST
Well..this person has a gf who he intends to get married to. Since v've met v feel v r a good choice for each other. There's nothing wrong between them, she's a nice girl...only our compatibility is better then their's. I can't ask him to leave her as it'll be not fair to her. Can anyone suggest what should i do?
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• India
19 Dec 06
its ok but consider one thing if there family is still alive i mean to say about her or him spouse then may be your spoiling someone life to make your life better so pls dont spoil anyone life just for have lots of option then why you want to marry with a commited man or woman.
• United States
22 Sep 06
i would stop because if he plans on marrying her, you will only be broken hearted in the end. and its not fair for you to get in between them. if he wants you, he wont marry her and hell be with you.
@bwakjira (445)
• Ethiopia
22 Sep 06
If he is not interested on her he will leave her by himself. But if he is not u better stop yours.