Have you ever faced with HOLDUP??

HOLDUP - Have you ever faced with it?I have..!
@ruby1459 (2603)
United States
November 29, 2006 1:25pm CST
I have.It was an early morning in Queens NY and I was in hurry to jump on the subway.I usually check behind me when I go down to the subway steps but I really didn't.Then I felt something around my neck and was pulled.I didn't really know what has happened but I turned my head and there was this huge black guy who covered around his mouth and nose with black cloth pulled his hand gun and put it against me. He said "Just gimme a money or I have to kill you".The spot was a blind spot and it was an early morning so no one was around.I was about to tell him to get a money from my bag but then I heard someone was coming close from subway and he quickly took off.I then didn't know what to do,I was like...lost. Have you ever faced with it?
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@missyd79 (3438)
• United States
3 Dec 06
that is horrible and I am sorry you had to go thru that, I never went thru anything like that.
@ruby1459 (2603)
• United States
4 Dec 06
yeah,it was scary!I actually stop using that subway station for a while it because I saw this old man who was bleeding from his head and some people were helping him about a couple days later and people told me that this old man's evidence of suspect was same as the guy who I had to deal with. I heard that it was some gang related thing but yes..It was horrible!! Thank you for your kind comment.I hope you will never ever face with holdup!!