is poverty written on the face

@lamuel (19)
September 12, 2006 12:32pm CST
poverty is not for any body ,but riches is the best thing ti make in a little time ,some people are porr because thet are lazy and unintilligent while those who make money are always regarded to be wise is that true? nothing good comes easy ,if you want to send your child to school let it be the good one where he or she will make good friends and good relationship will occure and they will share their knowledge even when they are out of school ,some will rise to great hight will some will fall but those who are high will help others to rise ,by then a good connection is made and poverty will be washed away in there time .By using our time and making good use of the friendship we keep all other things being equal ,some will be poor while other will be rich ,after all the bible support the two but who will want to be poor?
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@19541020 (63)
• Philippines
30 Sep 06
Is it? I dis-agree with this. Not in all cases would poverty is seen in the face. There are very good actor / actresses living in poverty but looks glamorous in their own way you wont imagine they areliving in misery.
@noorasie (686)
• Pakistan
22 Sep 06
poverty is written on the face in most cases.... however... not all but few .... are succesful in consealing the signs of poverty from their outlook...