Hey all you Mylot husbands ...

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November 29, 2006 5:11pm CST
Hey husbands I'm wondering if your wife could do one thing for you that she isn't currently doing, what would it be and why is that thing important to you? If there is one thing that you would change about your wife what would it be?
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20 Feb 07
I think that the reason noone has responed to thiis question is because they probably think that they will get themselves into something that they don't want to be in. But since I am bold enough (or stupid enough) I will be the first to answer. One thing that I would change about my wife is this: I wish that she would tell me things that she wants me to do instead of expecting me to do them and then gettiung mad at me for not doing it when I had no idea that she wanted it done in the first place. I would not change anything about her personality or her looks beacause both are greater than I deserve and could have wished for. She is a wonderful wife to me and probably better to me than I am to her. So now that I have responded to this discussion let the rain of abuse come. Because I brought the thunder.
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