my experience in the Operating Room...

November 29, 2006 7:36pm CST
i'm a student nurse and i never did experienced being in an operating room before as a patient... last may 19, i undergone appendectomy with a ruptured appendix. when i first entered the OR i was uncloth... naked then placed with a gown by which your butt is exposed. i see beautiful assisting nurses around and 2 surgeons..and 1 anesthesiologist... they placed me in an operating table.. looks like a cross... then they started to open my gown and started to shave me. i was embarassed since the female nurse shave me.. she's single and gorgeous.. they started to inject me with general anesthesia at the back.. then i started to feel dizzy.. the other female nurse inserted a catheter in me then after that i loose track.. i sleep during the operation.. then when i wake up i was already in my room..
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31 Jan 07
its great.......