Sadr City bombings

The 2006 Sadr City - Image from the 2006 Sadr City bombings, a very articulated terrorism act.
November 29, 2006 9:25pm CST
The 2006 Sadr City bombings were a series of car bombs and mortar attacks in Iraq that began on November 23 at 15:10 Baghdad time (1210 Greenwich Mean Time) and ended at 15:55 (1255 GMT). Between three and five car bombs and two mortar rounds were used in the attack on the Shi'ite Muslim slum in Sadr City. I have very few info on this subject, but I think it's enough to start a very good discussion about Terrorism. Do you know why this attack happened? What do you think about the terrorists' goals? What do you think could be done to stop this mayhem?
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