Sirius or XM radio

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November 29, 2006 10:48pm CST
I use Sirius, it has everything I want. What satellite radio do you prefer and why?
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@wesderby (178)
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5 Jan 07
Found this thread while doing a search on Satellite radio...I just joined yesterday, which is why I'm only now responding. When I initially decided to go for satellite radio and basically ditch terrestrial radio, I carefully researched what both companies had to offer. At the time, I went with XM because it seemed to be (and still does) the better company. I've been a subscriber since May of 2004, and the reasons I picked them over Sirius at the time were: $3 less per month (has since changed; both charge the same monthly fee) Legendary hard rock/metl guru Eddie Trunk was starting his XM show Memorial Day Weekend Deeper playlists on the music channels: My in-laws had Sirius music channels on their Dish Network system, and I found them to be almost as repetitive as traditional FM music stations Fox Sports Radio: Sirius didn't/doesn't offer it Superior on-air talent The reasons, including those listed above, what I stay with XM are: Baseball, NHL, and Pac-10 football play-by-play and talk Great comedy channels Traffic channels are a help when travelling XM's MyFi was released around Christmas of 2004, and was the first receiver which could both play pre-recorded content AND pick up live satellite radio whether in a docking station or used as a portable unit...It took Sirius a little while to catch up. Opie and Anthony came to XM. yeah, I know Sirius has Howard, but by the time O&A came along, I'd already heard everything Howard Stern has to offer and was sick of him. The ONLY thing that would cause me to become a dual subscriber would be Sirius's NFL coverage, but I can go to my neighborhood sportsbar which has NFL Sunday Ticket and watch all the games. Basebal and Hockey do well on radio; football (at least the NFL) to me is a more TV-oriented sport. Just my opinion...Take it for what it's worth. As an aside, for those reading this and thinking about subscribing to satellite radio, here are some web resources for you. XM's Official Site: Sirius: XM Fan sites:, (Sorry, don't know the links for any Sirius fansites/message boards.)
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30 Nov 06
i like xm radio better more stations