Which Pen Do You Use ?

Parker Pen - Parker Pen
November 30, 2006 1:49am CST
I always use Parker Pen. The Body = The pen without cap and blind cap. The Cap = The hat of the pen. The Blind Cap = The backmost piece of some pens under which you find the filling mechanism. The Clip = The clasp by hich you fasten your pen in your pocket. The Jewel and Clip Screw = The part on top of the cap by which the clip is held in place. The jewel is mounted on top of the Clip Screw for aesthethic reasons only. The Cap Lip = The bottom of the cap into which the pen itself is inserted. The Cap Ring/ -s or Band = The often gold filled ring or band that holds the Cap Lip together and prevents it from cracking. The Nib = The point with which you write with the pen. This most often is made of gold or is goldplated. It also has an enforcement on the extreme tip made of an alloy tougher than the gold itself. DO YOU KNOW YOUR PEN FEATURES :
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