Cops Quota

@Duvessa (913)
United States
September 12, 2006 11:08pm CST
Why do cops have a quota to fill each month? I know around here that cops go around at the end of the month & pull you over for the tinyest thing hoping that you'll be drinking or drugging or whatnot. It's just really annoying. I mean either you're doing something illegal or you're not.
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• United States
23 Sep 06
Haha, I love this topic. And I completely know what you mean. I got arrested once because I was pusing someone down the street on a lawnmower and they called it criminal mischief. What was "criminal" about pusing my friend down the street on a lawnmower? We weren't even being loud or anything, lol. And I've seen a few cops actually make something up, like excessive noise or whatever, and it's a complete lie. I've always disliked cops, and I've met very few nice ones, but I guess they just have to do whatever they have to do to keep making money.