what are the chances?

June 11, 2006 3:33pm CST
First, some history. My dh and I have been married for almost 5 years. Struggled w/ infertility pretty much since day 1. Tried a private adoption, fell through. Started fostering a little over a month ago, w/ intent to adopt eventually. Let worker know we would also do fost-adopt. Rec'd a 9 mos. old baby boy about a wk ago. He's absolutely gorgeous, and I really hope we get to keep him, but I know there is some risk involved. Here's the scenario-bd in and out of jail for several years, in right now-dom violence, drugs, alcohol, non-employed, no residence. bm has rec'd svcs since baby was 1 mo. old. Has been in several treatment programs, failed ALL. Mom and baby sent to rehab together in April. Mom told them at end of May that she could'nt do it anymore, and wanted to leave. They told her baby would NOT be released. She walked out and left all his stuff and him, would not contact or return calls. DID show at court, not sure when visits will begin. (supervised, of course) I'm a total newby, and I know nothing. Workers say his status IS fost/adopt, but they won't give me any REAL answers. What do the veterans of this group think? Does this sound good? I would really like it to be this easy, but I also know that nothing worth having comes easy, and I'm trying to make each day count while I have him. We are also fostering 2 toddler sibs that should RU in August or Sept. Thanks for any input!
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20 Oct 06
Hi, I just found your post and I was wondering what happened?