P2P Channel to create, I need suggestions,

@Xeedar (255)
November 30, 2006 6:41pm CST
Well, let me explain. I own, with a friend of mine, an italian various themed community (expecially pointed on comics and animation, but not only). This community is getting bigger in the last times, and starting with an e-magazine and a little forum, now we can count different services for our users. Well, where's the problem then? The problem is simple. I want to create a channel, a network for the community in a peer-to-peer contest. The best idea would be to buy a dedicate server to create a hub for dc++, but sadly we don't have so much funds to spend. Emule doesn't allow to create channels (or I'm wrong?); I tried even Soulseek, but it does create just a chatroom without fix admin, and it could be a problem. Someone has suggestions for me? I really need help, and I'm sure that someone in mylot can help me!
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@vinaykant (814)
• India
2 Dec 06
i am not a technical person so i am not understanding what u want to say. plz teach me if u can.
@Xeedar (255)
• Italy
4 Dec 06
I'm just looking for a software which can allow me to create a network in which people can share their files.