November 30, 2006 11:20pm CST
Nokia assures that their handset is covered under insurance. They even provide a certificate of insurance. But the condition is that if the handset is lost/stolen, you have to lodge an FIR to seek claims. The catch here is that the police station does not lodge FIR for loss of handsets, they only register NC. So you will never get insurance claims on basis of NC. Nokia is selling some of its degraded products that have software problems. If you come across such problem in a new set, do not waste your time in running around service centres as it is not going to help much, ask for a replacement with a new set. All those who have purchased 3230 set, have experienced that there was software problem in every set. Nokia is simply dumping the sets, which can not be sold in other countries. Please response me what's ur opinion for this discussion.
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• India
1 Dec 06
Hi..I'm using Nokia 3230..I bought it 1 year back and I have encountered so many problems...Can U briefly explain me why I am experiencing this problem.Is Nokia 3230 a Faulty set????