Spy death radiation

@brentjh (679)
December 1, 2006 3:21am CST
Now this is something new and pretty scary. After that spy died from polonium 210, there are 4 planes been tested and have been up to 68 people been refered to medical authorities. I have a feeling this sort of thing could spring a new idea to terorists and radicals! Scary stuff! What do you think? I mean like how did that stuff get to where is has been found?
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• Portugal
7 Dec 06
It´s for sure, and hope I´m wrong, the terrorism of the future. Imagine some like that in water that we all drink? It really scares me how easy it´s to harm innocent people.
@ossie16d (11827)
• Australia
7 Dec 06
This is awful and now they have found another victim of the same toxic poison. I cannot really believe that it was the work of one individual because how would they get hold of the stuff and how would they get it into the U.K. You are right that if this is easily obtainable, then it could possibly fall into the hands of terrorists, which is extremely scary for the normal person.