Poor Americans ....

@ngm_syd (1087)
December 1, 2006 9:06am CST
MOst of the call centers are moving to India or somewhere in the Asia, ans millions of $ are floted to these countries and americans getting job less and becos of this trend their cr fees and other charges are increased, IF all americans refuse to answer all overseas calls weather it may be a bill colltors call or any sales person calling or weahter its an tecnical suppoert agent helping to get your computer or the internet okey, Than only they will be helping their own amercan brothers and sister to get job there it self... SO if you are one of them think and act RIGHT NOW
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@platypus (336)
• Italy
1 Dec 06
that's called globalization. doing what you say is not so easy. in that countries workers are paid less and have less right (if any). I am not american but the same thing is happening here in my country. firms that offer call center services pay very small sum of money to their workers and almost nobody works there. you can work 8 hours a day without still being able to live on your own or even spare some money. for american the situation may be worse since english is spoken in many countries, it is a problem that involves every sector, not just call center. every company has a firm in china or india or something similar...