Weird Japanese friends of mine who wants to date with non Japanese guy.....

@ruby1459 (2603)
United States
December 1, 2006 10:13am CST
Well I have this weird friends who wants to date with non Japanese guy. I have been living in USA for almost 10 years and I have been dating with non Japanese guy it not because I don't like Japanese man.I just simply didn't have a Japanese around me and I didn't work at Japanese related company so I didn't really get to know Japanese man. My friends,who are living in Japan always says that they want to date with American guy or Europian guy etc which I have no opinion or disagree with it,the biggest point that I have is,when I asked them that " mean even Japanese guy who was born in USA(so this person will be American but he is 100% pure Japanese man)and grew up in USA right?"then they says NO.They don't concider as an American.some girl even says "I love to have a guy as my boyfriend but he has to be white/black because white/black is better than asian."My friend who is living in USA said same things that I said. She is dating with this French man for over 5 day she introduced him as her boyfriend,later her friend said to her that "I thought you said French!He is not a white man".I mean...her friend believed thant French=only white.....sigh. I sometimes get tired of explain to them that I feel that to say something like that is actually racial discrimination. I even got comments from my friend because my fiance is white,some of my girlfriend said "oh so you love white man and not interested in asian?"To me,it doesn't matter AT ALL.I fell in love with who he is,not his color and root or whatever you want to say. Some girls in Japan doesn't get what they are saying about having a relationship with non Japanese man etc.,I guess it happens at another country as well but I was wondering what you think about this issue??
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