If you could give one piece of advice?

United States
December 1, 2006 11:59am CST
I love these forums because you can get such great feedback from experienced marketers and people who know what they are doing. My question is if you could give one piece of advice to help out somebody with being an online entrepeneur, what would it be? Also what one method of advertising do you think is most profitable. And what one online business is best, not specifically, but like mlm or freelancing or paid to do offers, etc. The reason I ask is because the internet has so much to offer, that I am always getting lost in the information, programs, advertising methods, there's is just all too much here on the internet that I feel like I spend my time doing so much and accomplishing nothing. So anybody who could offer some good feedback to these three questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Michael DeMille
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