Any Synthroid Users?

United States
December 1, 2006 3:21pm CST
Does anyone here take synthroid for hypothyroidism? It is a synthetic hormone used to replace the hormone that your thyroid is supposed to put out. People who have hypothyroidism have an underactive thyroid and it doesn't put out as much of the hormone as your body needs. Symptoms of hypothyroidism are weight gain, dry skin, tiredness and many others. I've been taking the synthroid for a little over a month now and some of the symptoms have started to lessen so I'm hopeful for this medicine's claims. It is not something that you just take for while and then you're cured. You have to remain on this for the rest of your life. The doctor can tell if you need to use this medicine by doing a blood test. Once you start taking the medicine you have to go ever so often for more blood tests to see if you have the correct levels of synthroid in your body.
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@kelly60 (4548)
• United States
21 Apr 07
I have been taking Synthroid for several years now. My hypothyroidism was first diagnosed because I was exhausted all of the time. I blamed it on other things, but my doctor ran some tests, and found the problem. My dosage has been increased several times since and it has made a big difference both in my energy level and in my weight problem.