Why is there no help for some?

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December 1, 2006 3:42pm CST
Living here in a big city I see so many homeless people that need mental help, but arent getting it. Yet someow there is always someone out there that doesnt need that Zanex of Oxycontin and they are getting it. I personally am in a situation where I need to see someone and sort out my mental state, yet I cant. There is no help for me because I lost my job and my medical coverage. It got to the point where I started cutting myself and I scoured my area for a sliding fee scale, a free clinic, ANYTHING and no help was to be found. How is it that people can sleep at night knowing that someone out there needs help so bad and is willing to ask for it, but because they cant afford $200.00/hr, they are going without. Now ask yourself, why are suicide rates so high?
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10 Dec 06
I'm here to talk if you need an ear. Furthermore, the emergemcy room is an excellent tool if you know how to use it. THey will set you up will all kind of services you need.
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11 Dec 06
With no insurance, I cant do it...i am already so far down economically (maybe one of my triggers, who knows) If I were to go to the ER it would just add to it.