anybody played hitman

December 1, 2006 3:48pm CST
on a scale of 1 to 1 how much will u rate hitman
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@Serjas (2328)
• India
20 Jan 07
i like hitman.i love the game because 1- the charecter codename 47 2- the way a mission got completed 3- the silent ratings 4- the style of 47 especially his walking 5- the base story and the stories of all 3 hitman(i dont play himan bloodmoney, because i dont get one. i tried,but i cant get that one) 6- the soundesign and level design 7- the music of hitman2 and hitman bloodmoney very very much.Jesper kyd(composer) had done a great and outstanding job) 8- the graphics 9- movies may be no too long but its superb also trailers 10-ending cinematic of hitman-he choose hitman life and leave friend father's chain! i wonder why this game dont made to a film?
@damme34 (87)
• India
15 Jan 07
yes i played it.
@jackf501 (855)
• Malaysia
30 Dec 06
Yes i have played hitman before and like it..
@valmiki (84)
• India
30 Dec 06
There is no doubt that hitman is certainly one of the best strategy games ever produced. It is probably the only game where you have to plan for many many hours and then have to execute the strategy in just a few seconds. I will rate Hitman 10 out of 10. The only problem in Hitman is its weak graphics.
@5556970 (37)
• India
18 Dec 06
Ya i played the first part.But due to lack of time, am started playing hitman 2 yesterday.I like that game.Have a problem in stage Kirov park meeting.I started a discussion,waiting for responses.If somebody can help me,i would be thankful.
• Philippines
12 Dec 06
i suppose your question is from a scale of 1 to 10 not 1 to 1. well, hitman is a very interesting games. you get to work in numerous characters. why? because you can put disguises. act like somebody else. fool other enemies. hide from goons, police, soldiers. the bad thing is that you do these things-TO KILL. but its fun. (in the game that is) and never will be killing fun in the real world. I have played the series of hitman 2 and 3. i havent seen the first hitman. but im willing to see it. (anybody has it?) So, what would my rating be? lets put it this way. graphics 8 sounds 7.5 gameplay 8 replay 6 the graphics depends on your hardware. if you can adjust it really high, youd have a great gaming experience. the sound is responsive, especially the music. it goes with the flow of the story. the gameplay is great too. i love the missions you do that at first seem quite impossible to do. and there are so many possibilities. the replay is quite low, coz personally i think. after you finish the game, it would take a few weeks for you to feel UNSATURATED.(yknow wha i mean?) so thats that. overall rating 7.3
@urzicutza (1973)
• Romania
12 Dec 06
i just love this game!!!is the best game ever!
@Betso221 (1702)
• India
2 Dec 06
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Yes i have played hitman and i love playing that game.