Does this cause problems in the social sciences?

@marvit79 (342)
December 1, 2006 4:09pm CST
We are all participants as well as spectators.
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• Brazil
1 Dec 06
If we were to participat in evry cause we saw, our lives would soon wither away. I prefer helping myself. Im im alright? help my family. Make sure the the kids have a brain on thir shoudlers and good scholing. That done? Then my neighbours and friends. Only when theyre ok, then I go looking for other causes Have a nice day!
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
1 Dec 06
yes i think this can cause a problem. From my perspective it clearly shows that there can be no such thing as non participant observation. By being present we change the phenominon that we are attempting to observe and may inadvertantly invalidate the research we are attempting to carry out
• Singapore
1 Dec 06
yeap. it's called the bystander effect. most people wouldn't help in the situation because they don't feel responsible for the parties involved. in addition, they also feel that they aren't the professional and right person to handle the situation.