"Keys To Friendship?"

@UPLANA (3159)
December 1, 2006 10:51pm CST
Everybody needs friends. We are social creatures, we love to gather and communicate. We love to share. Some people have many friends; some people have few. Well, those that think they only have a few are probably mistaken and have more than they realize My keys to friendship are these: Be open and honest with each person Give more than I receive in exchange Listen more than I talk Keep their confidential information to myself State openly, my intentions to the widest possible audience Follow through and keep my promises made Forgive people as soon as possible Learn from others and teach where it is requested Keep those that have passed on in my heart Pray for those that need it WHAT"S UR THINKING?
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• India
2 Dec 06
totally agree with u!thanx for posting a great discussion!have a nice day!