December 2, 2006 2:49am CST
did you ever feel so depressed? i always feel sad and alone. i feel so depressed when my bf and i broke up three years ago. and until now, i still cant move on. i was just wondering because someone told me that he never felt depressed all his life.
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@jaginfo2006 (1757)
• India
2 Dec 06
never as long as you are there
• United States
2 Dec 06
3 years is a long time..in all that time, you could've found something interesting to take your mind off him...I am sure you cared about him very much, but its common for you to feel like that..I've felt alone and depressed a fair part of my life and the only thing I can really suggest to you is to pray..pray for the strength to devote your time to something that will be more healthy for you..you can even pray for someone special to be sent to you..with a little patience, it might just happen