glassjaw - glassjaw
December 2, 2006 5:29am CST
glassJAw is a four-piece band from Long Island, New York. The band is fronted by (Lead Vocalist) Daryl Palumbo & (Guitarist) Justin Beck, and has undergone numerous line-up changes since their inception. glassJAw are often cited by many other musicians as a key influence in the genre of post-hardcore. The band was formed around 1994 while Beck was also playing with Jewish straight-edge band, The Sons of Abraham and Palumbo was in his own straight-edge band called XbustedX. The group's line-up changed constantly in their early years while they played in the local New York Hardcore scene. From 1994-1997 the band recorded several demo quality recordings of some songs that would eventually appear on their official releases, as well as several other compositions that would not see official release. A significant recording came in 1999 working with Don Fury, showcasing songs that would appear on their debut LP "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence". The band recorded the 5 song Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EP in 1997 with Craig Randall at Brass Giraffe Studio in New York. The record was released independently on the label 2 Cents a Pop, then saw a re-release in 2001 without label affiliation. The Line-up on this record was Daryl Palumbo, Justin Beck, Todd Weinstock, Kris Baldwin & Ariel Telford. "Star Above My Bed", from the EP, is often still in the band's setlists' to this day. What do you guys think of this band?
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