What if there's no gravity on earth?

@cuddiluk (1523)
December 2, 2006 6:41am CST
What will happen to the earth if there's no gravity? It would have huge effect near on everything because so many things designed around in the currect state of gravity.
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@perugu (5281)
• India
9 Dec 06
hi,its really wonderful feeling....there is no necessity of vehicals..petrol..all we hanging in a space on earth..
@cuddiluk (1523)
• Philippines
11 Dec 06
hehehe. save from hell expensive gasoline. But there's no air at all? What will you do?
@Sayantan (335)
• India
14 Dec 06
If there will be no gravity on the earth, there will be no organism alive.
@rhinoboy (2129)
11 Dec 06
There would be no earth! Gravity is relative to size, that's why the moon has little and planets like saturn have very strong gravity. Theoretically, if gravity were greatly reduced, our bodies would change dramatically. You wouldn't need muscles to move or stand up so they would waste away and we would be all skinny with big heads like sci-fi aliens!
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
11 Dec 06
then even we can fly and we would have very good communication when ever we want to meet someone we can just jump fly and reach there isnt it?
@Bbilal (2001)
2 Dec 06
Gravity - Gragvity
Indeed, everything will start flying.