INTERNET CONNECTION, best option, South Africa.

South Africa
December 2, 2006 8:26am CST
PLEASE can some advise........What is the best and most cost effective Internet connection for a home user in South Africa. I am connected to the net via telephone line on a standard dial up connection. I pay a rental of R146.00 per month which includes R58.00 for a service called "CallMore" This allows you to connect to the net or make calls at certain times for a max. of R8.00 +- (incl. vat.)per call irrespective of the time spent on each call. The times are: Week days 7:00 pm. until 7:00 am. next morning. Weekends: Friday 7:00pm. until Monday 7:00am. If I use this service and stay connected for the max. possible time, it will cost another R160.00 per 4 weeks. Total so far: R306.00. This is not too bad a cost BUT, Sometimes you lose the connection(I don't know why) then you log on again at R8.00 each time. If a storm approaches you must log off and remove all connections. (I have lost 3 modems to lightning strike) Re-connect at R8.00 AGAIN. My average cost for internet connectivety is R450.00 per month. There are other major disadvantages. While I am on line at present my downloading speed is 40.0kbps. It is soooooooooooo slow, I fall asleep at night just waiting for things to happen. I have heard that an ADSL line is best. It costs about R750.00 for installation (if a line is available0 AND THEN YOU STILL PAY A MONTHLY FEE which is "capped" according to the megs you receive.???????????? PLEASE HELP. I am 58 years old and was not born into computers and am struggling to come up to scratch. I type with two fingers only and cannot stand the donkey system iI am using to connect to the web. IS there anyone out there with similar problems???????
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2 Dec 06
good info. i think it is good.