what is bird flu?

December 2, 2006 10:16am CST
what is bird flu?how does it spread?which are the birds in which it is found?
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@taruha (560)
• United States
9 Dec 06
Bird flu spreads through the chickens already having germs in them.Bird flu gives severe fever and the body ache.
@anup_cfa (899)
• India
9 Dec 06
"Bird flu" is a phrase similar to "Pig flu", "Dog flu", "Horse flu", or "Human flu" in that it refers to an illness caused by any of many different strains of flu viruses such that the strain in question has adapted to the host. "Avian flu" differs in being named after an entire vertebrate class with 8,800–10,200 species. All known avian flu viruses belong to the species of virus called Influenza A virus. All subtypes (but not all strains of all subtypes) of Influenza A virus are adapted to birds, which is why for many purposes avian flu virus is the Influenza A virus (note that the "A" does not stand for "avian"). Adaptation is sometimes partial or multiple so a flu virus strain can be partially adapted to a species or adapted to more than one species. Flu pandemic viruses are human adapted and also bird adapted. Being adapted to one species does not mean another species can not catch it; nor does it mean it can not adapt to another species.
@pusibaba (1010)
• India
2 Dec 06
bird flu - bird flu
bird flu is a deadly disease which spreads by eating virus infected chickens