are u single or taken?

United States
December 2, 2006 10:20am CST
i am Taken and happy
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• United States
28 Apr 08
oh I am very much taken and so lucky to be loved by a woman who I love more than life itself.She is the wind beneath my wings...
• Canada
21 Apr 08
pratically marriaged! happily i might add.
21 Apr 08
I'm taken and happy, at least for now. Though I think come septmeber when we both go off to university that might be a different matter. I think I'll be ok being single and happy then though - as I'm ,told that uni is like living in a bubble.
@polemical (199)
• Canada
5 Dec 06
Taken for just over a year now. before that i had a relationship for a couple years. before that i was just flirting and having fun with girls of like mind. way before that i was in a relationship for about 3 years. generally, after about 2-3 years i'm tired of the girl, but i'm hoping that will change when i meet the right one (if this one isn't... do we ever really know until it's too late though, heh).
• United States
4 Dec 06
@Xrated (3766)
• Pakistan
4 Dec 06
i am still single and a virgin
@wilkingh (354)
• United States
3 Dec 06
yea..i'm single and sorta happy..loads of hot girls to flirt w/ without them getting jealous of eachother...they did once...wasn't pretty at all
@roxy_stp (913)
• Romania
2 Dec 06
i'm taken to and really happy,in 3 weeks we'll have 2 years since we are together.