Brandon Vera - UFC

brandon vera - brandon vera
December 2, 2006 11:25am CST
Brandon Michael "The Truth" Vera (born October 10, 1977 in Norfolk, Virginia) is a Filipino-American mixed martial arts fighter, currently fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championship as a heavyweight contender. He currently resides in San Diego, California. He has a tattoo on his back inked on the ancient Filipino writing called Alibata/Baybayin. Clockwise, it reads mundo (earth), hangin (wind), apoy (fire), and tubig (water). These are the four elements of mother nature. Brandon claimed in an interview that he went surfing one day and sought to conquer the waves. The waves brought him down and gave Brandon a profound respect for mother nature. He states that the boxing star Manny Pacquiao is his inspiration to become great in his sport. Vera regularly trains with Dutch kickboxer Rob Kaman and grappling coach Lloyd Irvin. More recently, he defeated former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir at UFC 65 via first round knock out on November 18, 2006. When asked who he wants to fight next, Vera did not say that he wanted to fight Tim Sylvia for the UFC Heavyweight Title. However he said he wants to fight UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Chuck Liddell in a non-title exhibition or catchweight fight. Stating the reasons that he wants to beat Liddell, before he (Liddell) gets bored of beating everyone. Anyone else watch the UFC?
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