@umair2hot (1220)
December 2, 2006 12:19pm CST
Hows good he acted in PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN , I think he was awsome in that movie wat do yuh think !!
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@Serjas (2328)
• India
27 Dec 06
he know what is acting...may be he is not popular as others but his films speaks much. i consider him as the hollywoods most handsome guy checkout my dis cussion Most Handsome Guyz! #1-Johny Depp http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504984.aspx Tom Hanks Hollywood’s most popular star, Tom Cruise least! http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504000.aspx checkout ma other discussions http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/499605.aspx Let me know your Birthday! http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504810.aspx lesson 1-----NOT buy things in a hurry! You also become victim! http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504085.aspx Webcam Saves Woman’s Life--true story http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504242.aspx FUN--Do you know what is ‘tenjewberrymuds’ http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504212.aspx copying from scratched CDs! its really good! http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504198.aspx fun in day2day life----language problem http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504120.aspx sleeping better -FENG SHUI"astrology". Do you believe in FENG SHUI? http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/504040.aspx list of some home remedies! -update http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/503655.aspx Easily edit your Photos online! http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/503573.aspx and thank you wish you a happy new year and eidmubarak!