how to cook a pig in the ground

June 12, 2006 2:15pm CST
I,m havin a party in the mountains and i want to buy a pig to roast. The location is hard to get to so i cant bring a roaster. I want to cook the pig in the ground bu i don't know how!!! can somebody give me some feedback for this process!!!! thanks
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• United States
12 Jun 06
You need a pit about 2 feet deep and 4' x 6' (W. & L.) (Hope you have a back hoe.) Start a fire in the bottom and stack hardwood logs up to about 3' above ground level. Wrap the hog in two layers of heavy duty aluminum foil. If you choose, throw in a dozen onions, coarsely chopped, 10 cloves garlic chopped fine, 2 bunches of celery coarsely chopped, 8-10 carrots, likewise, 3-4 bunches of green onions in the cavity and salt and pepper. Lay it out on a 6-7' length of 5' fencing covered with burlap - to keep the foil from puncturing. When the wood is reduced to coals, remove half of them and cover with 1/2 the dirt removed or sand. Lay on the hog, properly sealed, and cover with burlap, then with the removed coals, then the remainder of the excavated dirt. Then just go away for about 24 hours, you might want to get some mental counselling. Then you come back, uncover the hog, pick it up using the fencing as a transport and take it to the serving table. There will be lots of juices, so open carefully. Personally, if I were ever so deranged as to do this, I would have a couple of digital thermometers with remote probes and stick one through the foil into the ham and one into the shoulder. That is the only way that you can monitor the cooking progress. Depending upon circumstances, the hog could be done within15 hours.