how do you trest your household helps?

December 2, 2006 7:02pm CST
we treat them like they're one of the family. aside from their monthly salaries, we provide their basic toiletries free of charge. every now and then, i buy them clothes and shoes to wear, not to mention the occasional accesories like earrings, braceletes, hair bling-blings, atches, etc. on thir birthdays, we ive them a small party where i bake them a bday cake and prepare spaghetti, bbq, lechon manok, and 1 or 2 more type of food. some friends of theirs will be invited and after dinner, we leave them alone in the living room so they can enjoy freely. for gifts, it's either real jewelry, an electronic item or cash bonus. maybe some of you will say we're spoiling them but i think it's worth it coz my nanny has been with me for 6 years now.
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@caraj444 (1080)
• Canada
3 Dec 06
i cant say as i dont have household help, i do all of the household chores and take care of my children with my husbands help but it sounds like you do care about your nanny and try to be her friend as well aas her employer and i would think she probably does more for you than would someone who wasnt receiving as nice a treatment as you give.
• Philippines
3 Dec 06
in a way, she has become my confidante. because she's always there, i can talk to her all the time. we're more friends than employer-employee. and maybe this is why she treats my little daughter like her own.