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December 2, 2006 10:37pm CST
Check yourself out honestly. Do you have heaps of energy, no dark bags under your eyes, problem free periods, skin that glows, hair that shines naturally, hard nails and a good temper? If this is true then read no further. However if you fall short, it may be time to think about taking a multivitamin and mineral supplement to get your health up to speed. Eating the right whole foods is certainly the cornerstone of any healthy nutrition programme, however, an increased pace of life increases the need for nutrients and depletes the body's stores of others, particularly if you work or study long hours, party hard, exercise a lot, have uncomfortable periods, or are stressed. Here are other signs that a multivitamin and mineral supplement might be right for you: # Have you made it to 21? If you haven’t then your bones, teeth, organs, brain, and immune system are still developing and require large amounts of nutrients to feed and maintain this growth, more than an average adult. # Do you catch every bug going around? Then your immune system may be struggling to keep up. Chronic ill health means your immune system is not getting the nutritional back up it needs. # Are you a picky eater? If your appetite just isn’t there, or you’re not eating regular meals then your nutrient levels may be low. Vitamin tablets can never take the place of regular healthy meals, but they can help to boost your appetite and get your blood sugar levels back into balance. # Smoking, caffeine, alcohol and takeaway foods require more nutrients than normal to assist your body to detox and process them. By taking a multi you will find it easier to give these bad habits the flick. # Run down, tired, low in energy, problems with sleep, or stressed out? Taking a multi will help to get you through busy stressful times without compromising your health. Tips for Multivitamin and Mineral tablet takers # Choose a women’s multivitamin and mineral supplement which can help with your special needs – look for higher levels of iron, calcium, and folic acid, along with helpful herbs such as Horsetail (for stronger hair and nails), Ginkgo (for good circulation), Black Cohosh (to assist with period problems), and Evening Primrose Oil to keep your skin up to standard. Healtheries Women’s Multivitamin and Mineral capsules or tablets could fit the bill for you. # Take your multivitamin and mineral tablet separately from tea, coffee, cola, and chocolate as these contain caffeine and tannins which can reduce absorption. Herbal or fruit teas, water, or pure juices will help absorption and digestion. # Take your multivitamin and mineral at mealtimes. Vitamins and minerals require digestive enzymes and acids in order to be absorbed effectively. When taken apart from mealtimes there is less chance of this. # Where possible take your multivitamin and mineral tablet in the morning, or at the latest at lunchtime. Most multis include vitamins B and C which boost energy levels – dinnertime or bedtime is not the time to get a lift! # Don’t be concerned if your urine turns green or yellow. This is a normal occurrence as nutrients are broken down. # The bathroom cabinet or the windowsill is not the place to keep your multi tablets. Store tablets away from sunlight, heat, and moisture, which can break them down and cause some nutrients to become inactive. Vitamin and mineral tablets and capsules should always be considered part of your total health care programme when you can’t guarantee a good supply from your diet. Remember they can never take the place of fresh fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and good quality protein foods. answers for u like eating vitamin for your body?
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4 Dec 06
My body produces enough vitamins to keep me alive and healthy. There is no use of having vitamin intake just to have self satisfaction. One more thing, body rejects the extra vitamins if you carry on taking it without knowing if its required or not.
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3 Dec 06
Funny you should ask this. I just started taking one yesterday. I felt so much better this morning. I eat well but I also have stomach problems that I think interferes with the absorption of vitamins and minerals. My hair is thinning and my skin and nails looking bad so I decided to take them. I am also anemic alot.
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3 Dec 06
Vitamins - Vitamin Bottles
WOW that's a long message there..Regarding vitamins..I don't take much, I take one for my hair and it does help. Then I take another vitamin that has B & C vitamins, which dentist says helps out my teeth..Every now and then I take Vitmin C when I feel like I'm coming down with a cold and it makes me feel good witin a day or so.