Connection between “Boyz N the Hood” & Cigarettes

December 3, 2006 12:12am CST
Recently I watched for the third time the movie “Boyz N the Hood”; Friday morning I read “Big Tobacco Lied to Public, Judge says” in the Washington Post; and, of course, illegal immigration is big in the news constantly. A federal judge ruled that tobacco companies have violated civil racketeering laws for decades while deceiving the public about the dangers of their product. “Boyz N the Hood” is a movie about a black urban community wherein a father is trying to raise his son to be a man while simultaneously trying to play the role of ‘Dutch Uncle’ to other ‘boyz N the hood’. Illegal immigration is a problem often seen on TV lately. It is basically about the absurdity of the actions by Congress, the White House, and industry as practiced in the United States regarding matters of border security, illegal immigration, general immigration, and jobs. This absurd dance has been on-going for at least two decades. What is the connection among these three situations? The connection is that throughout our society we face multiple ills that are not a result of sun shine and rain like the daises growing in the field but do result from the decisions made by people who have the power to dictate public policy. I suspect that anyone with some detective skills can ‘follow the money’ and discover that all three situations are controlled by the same group. Despite the will of the people these situations go on unchecked for decades. And they will continue to go on until the citizens awaken and begin to comprehend reality beyond its exposed face. I am convinced my analysis is correct. Do you have the detective skills necessary in order to comprehend my insight?
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