You play prince of persia

prince of persia - i've liked the prince of perstia trilogy....good game indeed!!!
December 3, 2006 3:42am CST
i'ved played alot this game..i think is a great great game
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25 Jul 07
I definetely a prince of persia fan. In fact, ive played all 3 of the prince of persia games which came out for the consoles. I gotta tell you, my favourite one was warrior within cause the music, storyline, dark-gloomy environment really freaked me out when i was playing it. Especially when the dahaka finds and chases you. Haha freaked me out the first time. You'll get used to it...eventually.
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11 Jan 07
i have played all the games in the prince of persia series My favorites are Prince of Persia Sands of Time and Prince of Persia Warrior Within.
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4 Dec 06
I never heard of that game.
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3 Dec 06
Yes, Im playing it, just the old version. lol
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3 Dec 06
POP - The story begins when the Prince, his father, King Sharaman, and the Persian army, passing through India on their way back to Persia. They are promised by the Indian Maharaja's Vizier great treasures, if they attack his Kingdom. While the Persians attack the Indian kingdom, the Prince sets off on a mission to recover a suitable treasure as a souvenir from his first battle. He decides very early on in the game, that he is not built for waging wars. His mission to recover a fitting treasure would help him win his father's esteem, even if he did not fight and kill.

During his trip through the Maharajah's palace, the Prince finds the legendary Dagger of Time. Right after he finds the dagger, he finds out its properties: he is able to control time with it, either slow it down, or even reverse it. The Dagger, although not known to the Prince or his father, is part of the Hourglass of Time. Both the Dagger and the Hourglass are the two treasures coveted by the Vizier, and much to his displeasure, King Sharaman denies him both, since he feels that those are the better left as a battle prize for the prince and a gift for the Sultan of Azad on their way back to Persia.

The Maharaja's daughter, Princess Farah, is taken prisoner during the Princes time in India. She is eventually taken to Azad as a harem girl. The Vizier, now in service of King Sharaman, also accompanies them willingly to Azad.

Once in Azad, King Sharaman gifts the Hourglass of Time to the Sultan. Curious to know why the Sands of Time inside the Hourglass glow, the Prince is tricked by the Vizier into using his Dagger to open it up. Princess Farah tries to stop the Prince, but her attempt to do this fails and the Hourglass is opened. Once the Sands of Time are free, they contaminate everyone except the Prince (protected by his Dagger), the Vizier (protected by a spell) and Princess Farah (protected by her Amulet) by dehydrating the moisture from their bodies and turning them into undead sand creatures, who have only one basic instinctual purpose, which is to kill.

Through the rest of the game the Prince battles through a sea of sand creatures (including his own father, whom he has to kill). He is aided in his mission by Farah, who he is hesitant to trust at first. As the game progresses, the Prince's skill as a warrior increases. His relationship with Farah develops as well into something more romantic.

Once near the end of the game, the Prince hesitates into following Farah's instructions to plunge the Dagger into the top of the Hourglass and they are confronted by the Vizier, hindered once more. However, further on, Farah dies trying to save the Prince. The Vizier, promising the Prince treasures and power, is almost killed by the Prince. But the Prince eventually learns that killing did not solve all problems, and remembering Farah, plunges the Dagger into the Hourglass once more, causing everything played up till now to go through a massive rewind, and making it such that India is never invaded in the first place.

The Prince wakes up at the Persian Army camp, and realises what has happened. He still has the Dagger, and he runs to Farah's palace to return it to her, and recount the story of their adventure in Azad.

While the Prince and Farah converse, the Vizier steps in and the final battle begins. At the end, the Prince wins the battle, but due to his actions in reversing the timeline, Farah has no memory of the adventure that took place in Azad, or the growing relationship the two had. He returns the Dagger of Time to Farah, asking that she guard it well.

In the sequel to Sands of Time, Warrior Within, seven years have passed. During this time, the Prince has been chased by the Dahaka, the Keeper of the Timeline. In Sands of Time, the Prince had visions of his own death, and these are a precursor to the Dahaka's quest for the Prince, who must eliminate the Prince from the Timeline, as he is an anomaly.

With advice from the Old Man who raised the Prince or at least filled a mentor role, the Prince learns that he has an outside chance of getting rid of the Dahaka forever. If he were to travel to the Island of Time and use mystical time portals there to go back in the Timeline and stop the creation of the Sands of Time themselves by confronting the Empress of Time, he could convince her to stop their creation and save his fate. Although warned by the Old Man that no man can change his fate – and that even if he does, the results would not be good, the Prince sets sail to the Island where the Sands of Time were created.

The game is characterized by sudden chases by the Dahaka – the only thing which stops it is water. These chases are extremely fast, there is very little to no margin for error. Even with the enhanced powers of slowing down and reversing time, the Prince is hard-pressed to keep himself out of the tentacles of the beast. In addition the Prince's footsteps are dogged by a mysterious blue-eyed black figure. To manipulate time, the Prince uses the Amulet that Farah leaves him in Sands of Time.

While Farah is conspicuous by her absence in Warrior Within, two other female characters are introduced – Shahdee, who is at first sent by The Empress to prevent the Prince from reaching the Island, and Kaileena, a mysterious young woman the Prince assumes to be a servant of the Empress. The Prince first meets Kaileena when Shadhee is attempting to kill her. The Prince saves her, but instead of being grateful, Kaileena walks off, warning the Prince to leave and never return. She re-appears later on and even helps the Prince to some extent. As time goes on, he learns more of the Empress from her, that the Empress has seen the timeline and knows of her fate, just as the Prince does. But instead of trying to change her fate like the Prince, she has accepted it.

The Prince learns later on that Kaileena is the Empress of Time herself. After revealing her true identity to the Prince, a fierce battle goes underway, during which it is revealed that Kaileena has been trying to kill the Prince all along in order to save her from her own fate, which is to die at the hands of the Prince. But to no avail, and the Prince ultimately kills her.

The Prince thinks it's finally over. He returns to the present thinking of a way to get back home to Babylon, but then is confronted by the Dahaka who seems no less determined to kill him. After a frantic chase which leads to a door separating the two, the Prince thinks back to his fight with Kaileena and realises that he did not stop the Sands from being created – in killing the Empress, the Sands spawned from her dead body and thus still exist. The Prince loses hope, but then discovers that the Mask of the Wraith exists, which allows the wearer to travel back in time and change their fate, thus giving the Prince another chance. He finds the mask, and promptly transforms into the blue-eyed creature that has been following him; the Sand Wraith. This new form gives a new angle of fighting to the game – the Wraith constantly loses health but the Sands of Time which grant him his time-bending abilities replenish automatically.

The Prince returns to the Throne Room to battle with Kaileena once again. This time the plan is to force her into a time portal and bring her to the present, thus making sure that the Sands are not created in the Past. Though the game offers two different endings, only one is canon storywise. This depends on whether the player had managed to attain all nine life upgrades in the game. If those conditions are not met by the time the Prince enters the throne room, he ultimately battles Kaileena, killing her once again but this time saving the Prince's life. If the nine upgrades are found, then the room where the hourglass rests will contain a new sword (dubbed the Water Sword). With the new sword in hand, the Prince makes his way to the present where he sent Kaileena, but refuses to battle her, resulting in the Dahaka appearing, but this time, trying to kill Kaileena for the sands of time should no longer exist. It is at this time that the Prince realizes that his new weapon can actually harm the beast. The Prince defeats the Dahaka at last, finally freeing himself and the Empress of their doomed futures. They return to Babylon together, but discover a city unlike what the Prince remembered and expected... It's optional to use The Water Sword, not picking it up from its cradle results in an alternative ending in that the player battles Kaileena again, ultimately killing her and ending the threat on the Prince's life.

In The Two Thrones, the Prince returns to Babylon with the Empress of Time, Kaileena, whose fate, like the Prince, has been changed. Kaileena, the narrator of the story this time, tells us that unlike the widely believed myth that she was killed, the true version of events was different, with the Prince killing the Dahaka and saving her. The Prince, thinking that his problems are over, throws the Amulet of Time away.

However, once in Babylon, the Prince sees his city not at all as he remembered. It is under attack by a mysterious army. The Princes vessel is destroyed and him and Kaileena are washed ashore. Kaileena is promptly captured by the enemy soldiers, and the Prince follows them.

The Prince learns that the one responsible for the attack is the Vizier from the Sands of Time. As the Prince changed his fate in Warrior Within and the story of Sands of Time never happened, the Vizier still lived. He also managed to find magical items that extended his life and strength. The Vizier killed the Maharajah of India and came to Babylon. He also discovered the Dagger of Time along the way, which was defunct until Kaileena left the Island of Time.

The Vizier kills Kaileena with the Dagger and plunges the Dagger into himself, making him immortal. The Prince during this time gets contaminated by the Sands and saves himself at the last minute by taking th
Prince Of Persia is a very nice game.I play Prince of Persia 1,2,3.It's a very nice game.In 2003, gaming giant Ubisoft announced a new Prince of Persia, produced along with Jordan Mechner. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was released in that year for most gaming platforms, and received critical acclaim. It was voted IGN's 'Game of the Year' for 2003 and is now considered a great step forward in game design and development. The Sands of Time introduces some interesting new moves to the Prince's repertoire, including the "wall run". Additionally, the Prince would acquire powers of controlling time, as he progressed through the levels of the game. In 2004, a sequel, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within was released. Warrior Within expanded the Sands of Time gameplay and had a lengthier play time, as well as a deeper storyline. However, it ended up getting an inferior reception due to a darker theme, which included more violence and gore, giving the Prince a "bad attitude", and exchanging most of the Arabian-based soundtrack to heavy metal music. Warrior Within was later ported to the PlayStation Portable as Prince of Persia: Revelations. Although the game received lukewarm reviews by old fans and critics, it sold well, and put a spotlight on the new Prince of Persia series. Eventually it was outsold by Sands of Time. In 2005, the trilogy was ended with Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Mixing most aspects of Sands of Time and some from Warrior Within, The Two Thrones also got good critical reception. The game was criticised for a shorter campaign and some unpolished finishing touches that had originally made Sands of Time and Warrior Within so well received. However it sold well, much like Warrior Within. Ubisoft also produced a spin-off for the Nintendo DS, called Battles of Prince of Persia (2005). It takes place between Sands of Time and Warrior Within and was different from all three games as it introduced card-based combat. It received a lukewarm reception by critics and fans.
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well i use to play that game