writing a script to pass textarea value to next page

South Africa
September 15, 2006 8:44am CST
Hi, I need help I have a textarea with a prev & next page but does not pass my value I need to write a script to update the value in my TestSelected I can pass it through using href but i'm trying to write a java script to get the value, so when i do an onclick event it calls my script & updates the value. function onSave() {document.#formname#.#TestSelected#.value = document.Sel.S_SelectToBox.value;} but this does not work it does not update the value #TestSelected# location.href="Selectt.cfm?&TestSelected="+document.Sel.S_SelectToBox.value; then only does the value get updated #TestSelected# but it's like it refreshes the entire page because of the href Anyone, please help... Thank You
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@nextgen (1888)
• India
25 Sep 06
u need advise from IT professional.. anyone here, plz help him out