WWE has been banned in indonesia.

@dave_lie (1476)
December 3, 2006 6:09am CST
After it took out one life and caused one serious casualty of primary school student, WWE shows is banned from tv. Kids practice wrestling as seen on tv after school.One of the primary studen are hospitalized for serious injury.In separated location a boy suffered fatal injuries who finally died on the next two days after practicing WWE wrestling with his friends.This became the hottest topic all over the country.Finally, WWE is banned in indonesia. Is this the right decision?
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@usaction (651)
• United States
4 Dec 06
NO! This is stupid! When you start banning a TV SHOW, you are taking a step towards facisim, communisim, or even dicatorship! If kids are being hurt from watching the show, PARENTS AREN'T DOING THEIR JOB! I watched Tom & Jerry, Looney Toons, and other such things, as did tons of my friends growing up, and we never had a desire to toss explosives like Willie Coyote, slive people in half, etc. Ok, I'm temtped to do that with some bosses and people at work, but that's another issue, and the point is that I *HAVENT* done it! Blaming TV is wrong, and shows a lack of responsiblity on so many levels. Compare the WWE to cartoons, better yet, things such as the X-men movies! "Do you see how that guy's flying/shoot lasers from his eyes/has blue fir? It's all pretend. They're actors. That's how WWE is." Ok, now not to discredit the wrestlers for the hard work they do, but this is the easiest way I can think of to explain it to s *child.*
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
4 Dec 06
I think it is if the kids are hurting themselves base on this show.
@rahulg007 (382)
• India
3 Dec 06
ya it is been done for good