To philosophy do you respect the most?

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December 3, 2006 7:24am CST
With all of the philosophies in this world that we live in I am wondering what people believe in and why. I live in a family of Christians and they tell me that they believe it because the Bible says so.I don't buy it since it does not hold water to me. In this thread do not bash anyone for their thoughts/beliefs since everyone is intitled to their own opinions and beliefs. Now onto my answer......I am more inclined to the asian faiths such as Buddhism, Taoism, ect... since you are held responsible for yourown actions and thoughts since there is no "Devil" to make you do it or a confession that you can take to remove all of your missgivings. There is only one person to give punishment or praise to and that is YOURSELF!!
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@justvenkys (1359)
• India
3 Dec 06
Yes! I respect philosophy because it was born out of mans frustration. This is a very nice discussion. Have a plus!! Wishes to get more payout soon!!
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3 Dec 06
Thank you for the rate, thank you for the post, thank you for the compliment! May the sun shine brightly upon you!!