December 3, 2006 7:39am CST
Contribute to build the temples of humanity Dear friends, There is a need to help the victims of ‘Ogni’. But where do you go to help them … They don’t have houses… Standing in the neck deep water, searching for their belongings… they are shivering with cold waves and there no place even to stand. Let’s bestow a small hope that lights the hope ‘there is someone stretching hand to rebuild our lives’ The recent cyclone and floods took 100 plus lives and caused huge loss to the properties. State Government’s initial estimation of loss: Property loss 7083 Crores Livestock’s death 2,30,000 Total Houses Damaged 16729 Partially Damaged Houses 50530 Actually the real loss is more than these initial estimations. In this grave situation teluguone foundation is appealing the benevolent hearts around the world to come forward with their contribution to construct permanent houses to the victims. If a donor contributes Rs.10, 000/-(approximately $220) or more for any one of the constructions, his name or the name of his elders or beloved will be engraved on the house. And needless to say the donor’s help at this very time will remain forever in the hearts of needy. Click here to find the details of the cyclone effect on A.P. Anticipating your great support Managing Trustee TeluguOne Foundation
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