who taught you to read?

mom and me - love you mom
December 3, 2006 9:53am CST
and what age you started? me, im a bit lazy girl and who hates school long ago, but i can still remember whos the first to teach me... its my mom. when i was 3 years turning to 4. even if she didnt finish college, i owe her a lot.
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@BunGirl (2639)
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3 Dec 06
This is actually a funny story... My Mom taught me to read, though she didn't know it at the time. Every night before I went to bed she would read me a book or two. (Usually Little Golden Books -- loved those) Of course I had my favorites, and she was forced to read a few books over and over. She thought I was just memorizing the stories because pretty soon I was correcting her if she "accidently" skipped a page or a word. The first day of kindergarten my teacher gathered the class around her to read us a book. I read the title to her. She also assumed I had the book at home and had memorized it, so she let me sit with her and read the book to the class. Afterward, she made a comment about how that must have been one of my favorite books since I knew every word. I had never seen the book before, and told her as much. She insisted I was lying and called my Mom after class. My Mom also had never heard of the book! Somehow, during all those bedtime stories, I had learned to read!
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4 Feb 07
I was about 3. It was a combination of my teacher, my mum and myself.