Is MYLOT worth the TIME you spend here???????

@bali82 (26)
United States
December 3, 2006 11:20am CST
Is my lot reallyyyy worth the time... like if you get down to business...every message or comment is like atleast 15 seconds..... 4 in a minute if u dont think before u type, 240 in an hour, constantly typing :P aint that 2.40 bux :P lol u work u make a lot more than this dont u think or am i wrong :P
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• United Arab Emirates
4 Dec 06
whit can be its just hav been 2ays!so i can not say much abt it time will tell.lets c i know u can not spend much time can u spend!:) bali!
@abccba (1916)
• Denmark
3 Dec 06
well, i don't know about how much you get paid for one post, cause it depends of the quality! But i get more than one cent for my posts! I know you could earn more, with a job, but i also have a job, and i work full time! I just use mylot to earn a little extra! I don't see it as work, i watch tv, and relax while i post at mylot, so i think it's worth it!