Do PETA members HAVE To Be Vegan?

December 3, 2006 1:05pm CST
I like Peta. I like being a member of the street team. But really do we all have to be vegan and veggitarian(sp?)? I mean, sure what they do to the chickens is wrong, but i like some chicken now and then. And I like the smell of Bacon. Cheese is good too... But treating animals badly is wrong and unacceptable. I tried hummus, tofu, tofurkey, (tofu dogs are ok ^_^) and all of it was gross... And it feels wierd in my mouth that makes me want to puke. So do we really HAVE to be vegan?
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@nonew3 (1941)
• United States
6 Jun 07
I am a PETA animal-rights activist, official as of earlier this week. I am vegetarian, and am transitioning into veganism, learning how to cook with tofu, etc. Knowing what I know about animal suffering in factory farms and such, I can't see how one can really be against animal suffering and still consume animal flesh. I see animal flesh consumption as being the murder of innocent creatures. But, then again, these are just my personal views. I would say yes. If you haven't found mock meats and such that you like, keep trying. I personally perfer Tofurky, especially their fake sliced turkey that has cranberry in it. I just tried it, and could hardly believe it was meatless! Dee-lish! I do agree with you, however, that some vegan foods are rather gross.