Does anyone struggle with debt collectors? Harrassment?

@mamashane (1140)
United States
December 3, 2006 2:04pm CST
Does anyone struggle with debt collectors? How about harrassing phone calls? I want to hear some of your stories. There are so many debt collection companies out there that break the law on a daily basis & we consumers don't even realize it! It got so bad for me that I had to take them to court but I WON! I want to get the word out there that we as consumers HAVE RIGHTS!
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• United States
13 Sep 07
I wish to god I could get them to stop calling me here. I was once called and asked to pay money, I told them I could only pay a certain amoount then when it wasnt enought I was sent to a supervisor. then I explained the same story to the sup I was then transfered again to his sup who was nasty as hell with me. I told them if they wanted what I could offer them then fine he said no. and yet the very next day after I had told them that they were refusing my money they called back asking for the little money I had offered them after refussing it the day before. I know what you mean
@Jaahda (31)
• Australia
21 Jul 07
YAY !!!!ONYA. I'm trying to fight just now - they've done unreal things to me !!! I wrote a report last week and thought WTF - and published it as an Ebook. Look into the preview etc to get an idea of my case. If anyone in Australia reads or ocntacts you please send them my way. I'm trying to get people together for a class action. Please sprinkle your winning dust my way !!! AND - tell us more. I want to know your story. OR write an eBook - I'll buy it LOL